Hayley Wade has just turned fifteen. This is not remotely cause for celebration: she lives in Eva, one of the last bastions of humanity in post-zombie-apocalypse Florida. The
                                        law of Eva states every woman must become pregnant once she reaches fifteen, to help repopulate their decaying new world, but Hayley cannot - a heart defect would kill her
                                        if she gave birth to a child, the same fate that befell her mother when she gave birth to Hayley’s half-sister.

                                        Hayley finds herself ‘reclassified’. She (and other undesirables) will now be expected to get into Eva’s most dangerous line of work: going out into the wilderness to retrieve useful
                                        items. But the zombie apocalypse is not a fun place for a young, orphaned, mixed-race, panicky, desperate girl. Standing in the ruins of highways and theme parks, shooting
                                        zombies in the head? She should never have made it even that far.

                                        But sometimes, just sometimes, the best people are to be found in the worst of places, and it's these people Hayley finds herself allied with. A transgender teenager; a new
                                        mother-figure; an arrogant super-genius; a hardened mercenary roaming the wasteland with his boyfriend - and the beautiful, deadly Roxanne, a woman whom no-one knows the
                                        truth of but everybody wants. But they're up against not only an army of rotting zombies, but the cold hearts and crushing fists of those who want to remain in power even after the
                                        end of the world. If Hayley and her loved ones are going to have any chance at all of real survival, more than the dead are going to have to rise.

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